Australia Decides - 2013 Federal Election

In joyful strains then let us sing...

Australia Decides brings together all the latest information and social media pertaining to the 2013 Federal Election. Through our user interface, content is divided into several main categories:

  • Chat forum - discuss and debate the latest issues with fellow Australians.
  • Live odds - see how the bookies rate the parties and their chances of winning the election.
  • Election calculator - an interactive app that will show how many seats each party will win based on the average national or state swing.
  • Trending news - our news page updates in real-time with the latest headlines fed from our own search algorithm.
  • Live results - on election night we'll have a team fetching the latest vote counts from the Australian Electoral Commission.
  • Who will be the next Prime Minister of Australia?

    With Gillard ousted as Labor leader, will the party be able to claw its way back with Kevin Rudd at the helm? Does Australia still consider Tony Abbott a risk, or have we gotten use to the idea of him as PM after all the Labor squabbling? Time will tell. With the election originally scheduled for the 14th of September, there is now likelihood of an August poll date. At this time Australia will decide who governs the nation for the next three years.

    In the meantime, we'll update you regularly with the latest news, polls and information regarding the Australian electorate.

    Enjoy the website.

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